CardioChek Analyzer Cleaning & Disinfection

CardioChek Analyzer Cleaning & Disinfection


Disinfection Procedure Enhances Safety for 
Screening Participants & Healthcare Professionals

At PTS Diagnostics, the safety of healthcare professionals and screening participants is paramount.  Whenever point-of-care testing is performed using blood, there is a small potential for exposure to bloodborne pathogens to both screening participants and healthcare professionals performing the testing.  To address this, PTS Diagnostics has provided specific instructions to users that meet FDA disinfectant requirements. With very little change to a healthcare professional’s workflow, the CardioChek® Plus analyzer can be easily cleaned and disinfected in between screening participants. In fact, performing the CardioChek Plus analyzer’s cleaning and disinfection procedures can be done with almost no time added to the overall screening time needed per participant. 

Fast, easy, safe and accurate analyzer
for simultaneous testing of lipid panel and glucose


Disinfection Procedure Enhance Safety for Screening Participants & Healthcare Professionals

CardioChek Plus Professional Test System User Guide

CardioChek Plus Cleaning and Disinfection Professional Product Training

The PTS Diagnostics Customer Support is available to talk with healthcare professionals how to smoothly integrate cleaning and disinfection into their workflow. PTS Diagnostics Customer Service can be reached at 1-317-870-5610 or toll free in the US at 877-870-5610.